Manifold is a place where you learn how to excel to the top. Each person is offered a choice of distinct paths but is in a dilemma to choose the right path. We make our students adapt to these dynamic challenges by enhancing the skills that each one possess. We place a ladder of success in front of our students. Each student c limbs this ladder of success. We pertain to the fact that it is an uphill task for our students to excel to the top swiftly. During the course of their educational journey, they tend to fall down but it is when Manifold holds them straight and leads them with the precise knowledge and skill. Unlike the rest our job is not accomplished with this, we watch our students climb the whole ladder to success and thus become a part of their achievement. Our success ratio proves that it is a reality.

A ladder for youngsters to notch up to the highest level

Discussion forums is used for supporting students to evaluate prior to an exam, engage students in discussions before coming to class, and reflect on material that they have read or worked. It offers students a strategicchance to interact with each other or with the corresponding faculty. This forum is for students to discuss their doubts and queries with our faculty and staff. You will find answer to questions, if you have any, related to the exam or the timelines of the application process in different institutions.

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