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Our Courses

HSST Computer Science


Sub engineer KSEB




Mentoring young Engineers to unravel their true potential.

Manifold is the place where the pioneers guide you to excel in your field of choice. At Manifold, every individual is made to discover their true potential. The students are exposed to various scenarios, which make them ready to face the challenges in their respective fields. Teachers here not only provide classes, but also guide them in any personal or mental challenges they may face and mold them to be better individuals. All the students at Manifold experience a holistic development which is proven with the consistent results over the years.

Online Test Series

Online test series play a pivotal role in preparing students for any exams. All of our students who have qualified the actual exams thank the online test series which gave them enough practice in the actual test environment and made them better prepared to face the exams. Students are made to appear for 150 online tests before the actual exams. Results of these online tests reminds the students as to how much prepared they are for the actual exams. All our online tests are in accordance with the current exam patterns. Detailed solutions and feedback are given to the students after the tests.

Postal Study Package

Revised and in-depth study material for students who want to prepare for the exams from home. Materials covering the entire syllabus for all the branches are available.Contains detailed solutions to previous years’ GATE question papers.


Our Vision

“Providing premium quality education for GATE aspirants”. We believe in motivating and traversing our students towards excellence in all aspects. Technical knowledge at ease is what we ensure at Manifold.

Our Mission

To provide “PURE” and dedicated coaching for GATE examination. Where P denotes Precise, U: Unique, R: Rigorous, E: Exceptional. These are the qualities that manifold strictly adheres to.

MITE Evolution

Manifold began as a very small coaching center for GATE in Thrissur . Over the decade, Manifold has grown steadily as a result of producing top GATE ranks in the country.Now, Manifold has become an established GATE coaching center in the whole of Kerala. Manifold has achieved these heights with its unique teaching practices and mentoring strategies. Manifold, is soon set to become the best GATE coaching center in the country.

Courses Offered

MITE offers exquisite courses which helps one to excel in his/her career in an elegant manner. We mold our students to face the complexities of the world effectively.

Replenish thoughts sprout ideas for future

Manifold focuses on the core of Personality Enhancement along with an entire scope on education.


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