Institute of Technical Education

Past Achievements

Manifold had helped our students to pave through all the hardships, filled their minds with knowledge, drove away the fear of losing injected the zeal to perform and believe in their ability.

Hence the success is
bright as one can see and feel.

The assurance and trust conferred upon by the students on Manifold are sustained integrity with the plan and intonation wholly molded by us. The tester trails left by our fellow people are not strived by Manifold and guarantees that the whole lot that it strokes has a garden fresh sense.

It is an easy task for one to boast about their credentials and not perform. Manifold does not believe in this mantra. We believe in our coaching and our student’s ability. When the right blend is achieved between the education and the intelligence one can excel to the top at ease with Manifold which is the No:1 gate coaching center in Kerala, where you learn how to excel to the top.